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What is Track & Trace?

This tool enables you to track your registered sending until its delivery to the recipient. You'll know where it is at all times.

What kinds of sending does it involve?

All mail items with a barcode are able to be tracked :

For dispatches within Luxembourg, this includes registered post and all parcels.

For international dispatches, XL and XXL sendings, only covered for some countries.

With the FollowMe Option for international dispatches, with less than 2kg. Available in 57 countries.

Due to technical reasons, the tracking of your dispatches can be delayed if other providers are involved. If nothing is displayed when you enter your barcode number, then try to repeat the process later on.
Please note that the trackandtrace service only works for dispatches that are distributed by POST Luxembourg.

How does it work ?

Luxembourg numbers are always structured in the same way: 2 letters, 9 figures, 2 letters. For multiple searches, validate each number by pressing the 'Enter' key on your keyboard. Enter the numbers and letters written on your dispatch receipt into the box above.


For registered post, the format is :   RR123456789LU
For XL and XXL, the format is :   CP123456789LU
FollowMe tracking codes are as follow :   LX123456789LU

For multiple searches, you can also upload a file of numbers: click here. .

Further information needed ?

Contact us:
- by email  (http://www.post.lu/en/particuliers/contactez-nous)
- by phone at 8002 8004